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SCADA Projects

Water Heater Project
This is a water tank with 2 pumps, a heat coil, and a drain pump. All devices can be run manually or through an automated process which will fill the tank, heat the water, then drain and repeat. I also wrote an HMI screen to control it. The physical buttons will override the HMI.

HMI Test App using libmodbus and Qt [modification of QModBus]
It's self-explanatory, just a HMI screen tied to PLC values to show communications between a Qt C++ application and a Horner XLe102 PLC. I used the code from QModBus and moved the functions to read values into the timer, which I set at 200msec so it had a decent scan rate without overloading the CPU. Next I made buttons to call functions to send values to the PLC.

LED Cube
I soldered 100 LED's into a 5x5x4 cube (ok, it's a rectangular prism), and connected it to a Parallax BS2 controller. It only has 16 I/O so I used a ton of and gates to turn on the positive using (x,y1+y2) where it took 1 x and 2 y outputs to trigger the and gate. Similarly, there were 4 negatives which would control the z coordinate. The lights were extremely dim, so I added D-flip-flops to increase the duty cycle. This is a homemade version of the HypnoCube. If you look up HypnoCube it will be more impressive, but remember that they're running an 8MHz microprocessor while I was only running a 65KHz!

SCADA Information

MQModBus is a new modbus app targeted for the Android OS, but has been successfully run on Maemo and Symbian emulators. Theoretically it could be run on some versoins of Windows Mobile, but I have not compiled or tested for these. It is entirely based on QModBus, and is available here with a project page coming to with the next release.

I modified QModBus to access TCP connections. It is still under review and has a few more features I am hoping to add, such as a 32-bit realtime digital I/O monitor. Check out QModBus for updates. QModBus is based on libmodbus, check out their website as well!

Xonotic Videos

flag run with aweXome nex killfutile attempt at running awayawesome flag return1v1 match turning moment

Xonotic Maps

Due to the migration of Nexuiz to Xonotic my maps are all going under a huge overhaul, please check back.